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High Point Furniture Market Fall 2012

High Point Furniture Market Fall 2012

High Point Furniture Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 85,000 people to High Point, North Carolina every six months!  Serious retail home furnishings buyers come twice a year because if you can't find it in High Point, it probably doesn't exist.  High Point is like a fashion show of the up-and-coming trends in furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, lighting, art and accessories for interior design and decor. There has always been a connection between fashion and furniture. Which came first is still up for debate, but what isn't is the latest trends coming out of the Highpoint Market. I wasn't able to attend the recent show, but I was lucky enough to attend a local seminar presented by well-known interior and furniture designer Jamie Alexander, who did attend. Here are some of the trends to watch for:

  • Lots of metal and reflective finishes like mirrors and glass. Retro is still popular, especially with metal. As in jewelry, we are seeing the warm golds and cool silvers mixed together and warm gold tones are back.  Gold fixtures and accessories were all over High Point in a dull & brushed gold, matte finish, somewhat antique, which looks fresh everywhere from statement pendants to table bases;

highpoint furniture market trend metal

  • Crinkled finishes;
  • Rounder lines--"Fashionista" style with curved legs, seats, and details. More feminine;


  • Layering, layering and more layering, just like in fashion. It gives a finished look and adds character to a space. Add those toss cushions and throws. When styling a console or side table with books, add something on top of them, like a small clock or other decor item;
  • Did I mention clocks? They are a big item being used on walls and tabletops. A wall of many different clocks is a current trend;
  • Accessorizing walls with items other than art, such as flat baskets, metal pieces, mirrors, fabric--the possibilities are limitless;
  • Lots of tufting on upholstered pieces, and not just on the back but on the sides of chairs and sofas.  Button tufting showed up on both classic and more modern designs. The traditional wingback chair is getting an update with bright patterns and button tufting.  Wings are showing up on headboards along with tufting and all fabrics, including leather, are being tufted--like these chairs from Wicker Emporium;

Wicker Emporium has a variety of tufted leather designs.

  • Another popular trend is a smaller rolled arm on pieces, which gives a more contemporary feel and does not appear to be so heavy as the traditional rolled arm;
  • Contrast welting popped up all over the place, from patterned pieces to plain, adding just the right amount of sophistication;
  • Texture, texture, texture is the new "bling". Designers and decorators stress the importance of texture in a space to give it depth and life as well as add interest. You can look for lots of pillows and rugs with 3-D applique, and loads of richly textured fabric, from natural linen to plush velvet. Faux fur is another texture that will be even bigger this year.

Come back next week when I share part two of the trends coming out of High Point Market!

Jeannette Wisby

About Jeannette Wisby

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Jeannette Wisby, Principal of Design Savvy, is a Certified Interior Decorator and is an Accredited member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association of Canada) and is currently an active on the National Board as well as Vice President of the GTA West Chapter of CDECA. Her company, Design Savvy, specializes in residential interior décor, offering many ideas and creative solutions to compliment the individual needs of clients. Her mandate is to maximize your home's potential while creating an innovative and dynamic interior unique to your personality.

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