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A Touch of Christmas

A Touch of Christmas

This year was a milestone for my family. Our first Christmas in a house. No longer in small more neighbours too close and cramping our style. This year we have a home. A fantastic thought, and one that I have dreamed of since our first holiday with children.

In our apartments I always felt like I had too much in the way of Christmas decorations. Too many trinkets for the space our apartments had. But as I pulled out the boxes and totes this year, I realized that in a home, I no longer had enough. I can’t say I was upset with the thought of having to buy more Christmas decor. Actually, I was quite excited!

I love all things Christmas!

I am a huge fan of traditional Christmas decorations. Whites and reds, simple but beautiful. My number one stop for Christmas decorations in my style has always been Wicker Emporium. And once again, this year, they did not disappoint.

Holiday Decor Wicker Emporium

When I went into the store, I was greeted with beautiful wooden ornaments, wreaths and sparkles, candles and textiles.  I must have spent a good hour just browsing (and enjoying the quiet, kid-free time). There were so many things that I just fell in love with, my only complaint was that it was too hard to decide which items I wanted to bring home!  Finally deciding just what I wanted to add to our new home was a challenge, I would have bought it all if I could.

I finally settled on a beautiful wreath and a few smaller decorations. I could not be more thrilled.  The wreath is my new favourite decoration, and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

white wreath Jen Banks

Jen Banks

About Jen Banks

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Jen Banks is a freelance writer, blogger and virtual assistant and has a life long career in the food service industry... all while mothering two young boys. Boys who keep her hopping from day break to bedtime. Jen has a thirst for knowledge and is an avid reader, easily passing up a good night's sleep to devour a great book. Her home is in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, but Jen has toured across Canada more than once. She has a true love affair with travel, culture and coffee. A closet foodie, Jen hopes to one day own her own restaurant.

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