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Highpoint Furniture Market - Fall 2012 Part 2

Highpoint Furniture Market - Fall 2012 Part 2

Last week I revealed some of the furniture trends coming out of Highpoint Furniture Market Fall 2012, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, and this week I'm back to give you more!

  • Nature-inspired designs, from shell and dandelion-inspired pendants, to faux bois prints, to decorative vine balls, nature-inspired pieces are everywhere. Tons of botanical prints, framed sea life and insects, plus loads of driftwood and live-edged furniture;
nature prints home decor Wicker Emporium has a variety of nature-inspired plaques and prints.
  • Vintage is still hot! We're seeing lots of the reclaimed and hand-scraped look, but not necessarily greyed;
  • Reproduction pieces are big. We're seeing antique “look” pieces that are constructed so well they are very much like the originals;
  • Mixing different styled dining chairs but keeping the same finish and fabric for interest has been seen in the past, and people seem to still want this;
  • Rustic, Redefined - The bulky pieces from years gone by are gone, with a more refined look inspired by mid-century lines surfacing, with lots of leather;

mid century modern leather

  • Menswear-inspired furnishings have been seen in the past and are gaining in popularity, especially if you are tending toward a more neutral colour choice. Plaid and houndstooth, along with masculine touches like rivets and distressed leather are big and will be found in comfy chairs;
  • The biggest trend to come out of highpoint is colour--something we have all been waiting for! It is being seen in fashion this fall as well. Some of the biggest colours were blue, orange, purple, and fuchsia. Neutrals will never go out of style however, with designers bringing colour in through accessories instead;

furniture trends color

  • Blue seemed to be repeated most often, from what I have found in my research and speaking with those in attendance, both multi-hued blue as well as teal;
  • Basket weave was big and seen in woven pillows, coffee tables, wall art, plus wicker-inspired prints and faux-woven carvings;
  • There were patchwork displays of jeans on the walls of a couple showrooms which was interesting.  I recall seeing that idea last year at the furniture show at the International Centre, but on area rugs.
quilted home decor The Bollywood Collection at Wicker Emporium features both variegated blues and patchwork.

There are lots of great trends to watch for in 2013. Which ones will you be trying out?

Jeannette Wisby

About Jeannette Wisby

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Jeannette Wisby, Principal of Design Savvy, is a Certified Interior Decorator and is an Accredited member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association of Canada) and is currently an active on the National Board as well as Vice President of the GTA West Chapter of CDECA. Her company, Design Savvy, specializes in residential interior décor, offering many ideas and creative solutions to compliment the individual needs of clients. Her mandate is to maximize your home's potential while creating an innovative and dynamic interior unique to your personality.

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