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Making a Basement Brighter

Making a Basement Brighter

decorating accessories flowers This gorgeous red vase was the perfect accessory to brighten our basement.

We recently moved into a new home to be closer to the school we want our daughters to attend. We love our new home: it's a bit bigger, has a garage, and the best part, it's on a cul-du-sac! Needless to say, we'll be spending many years here and it truly feels like home.

Another reason we decided to move is because we needed a space for my mother. She lives with us 5 days a week and takes care of the kids as our nanny. We needed a nice space for her to call "home." Creating a basement that doesn't feel like a basement is no easy task. But with a bit of help from Wicker Emporium, we successfully bought a few key accessories to enhance the look.

Basements are known for old couches and dingy colours. Rather than go with the traditional cream coloured walls, we went with a bright red to make it feel more like a main floor and less like a basement. We also purchased a brand new sectional couch, have a large flat screen TV and other modern furniture (including a bookshelf from Wicker Emporium we purchased a few years ago). But my favourite product that we added to the space is this large vase with bright white orchids. This accessory would be more typical for a main floor rather than a basement. It's the first thing you see as you walk down the stairs.

We went shopping just before the holidays and most of the products were on sale, so we also purchased a few Christmas accessories: ornaments for the tree and placemats for the table.

We've been shopping at Wicker Emporium for years and have bought everything from small accessories to large furniture pieces. I love supporting this Atlantic Canadian retailer.

Lynette Robinson

About Lynette Robinson

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Lynette Robinson is just a regular Mom run off her feet bringing up an extremely busy four year old and brand new baby...having fun (mostly). She has been blogging about the finer things in life since 2008 at My Wee View and especially enjoys chocolate, spas and travel. Lynette is was born and bred in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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