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National Home Show 2013

National Home Show 2013

It’s that time of year again…. home show time! I attended the National Home Show a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to be a little more upscale this year.  Strolling throughout the space I became so inspired by several great kitchen and bath companies, and tile companies with gorgeous new tiles.  There were also tons of great outdoor furnishings and providers of products to enable us to live well in our outdoor spaces.

As the saying goes: I went, I saw and now I am writing. I also took many photos and then made a HUGE mistake and deleted them somehow.  I absolutely hate taking photos with my phone but when I arrived with my trusty camera in hand it turned out that the battery was dead!  Yikes.

Cabinets and giraffesOne of my visits was to the Wicker Emporium booth.  I love their products and spent time checking out their showroom and mulling over which item(s) I really could not say no to.  They have great wood pieces all made structurally sound and then there are all the colourful accessories.  One cannot go in without coming away with at least one little purchase.  I knew there would be tons of great offerings in their booth at the show so I made my way there right away.  They carry so many varieties of solid wood pieces include acacia, mango, mahogany, walnut, rubber wood, elm and perhaps even others I am not aware of.  Their pricing structure is so fantastic, everybody can afford them, as evidenced by the crowds circling the different pieces and wanting to take them away right then.

It was difficult to take photos as there were so many people, but I did and even posed on a lovely mahogany bench and then again with Liz McCallum, Ontario District Manager beside a beautiful red Chinese inspired armoire.  As I mentioned earlier you will not be able to see these great photos as I deleted them in error.  A photographer I am not!

I was able; however, to obtain some photos of this great booth display from Jenn Furtado (Store Manager at Heartland Mall) who I am told the merchandising genius responsible for the booth this year.  Drop by one of their locations to see for yourself just what a treasure Wicker Emporium is.

Jeannette Wisby

About Jeannette Wisby

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Jeannette Wisby, Principal of Design Savvy, is a Certified Interior Decorator and is an Accredited member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association of Canada) and is currently an active on the National Board as well as Vice President of the GTA West Chapter of CDECA. Her company, Design Savvy, specializes in residential interior décor, offering many ideas and creative solutions to compliment the individual needs of clients. Her mandate is to maximize your home's potential while creating an innovative and dynamic interior unique to your personality.

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