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Taming the Toy Overload

Taming the Toy Overload

Every day the toys and books in our house seem to multiply and for weeks I have been meaning to buy something to put everything in. Anyone with young children knows what I mean. Where do they all come from? This opportunity with the Wicker Emporium could not have happened at a better time.

brown leather ottomanWe ventured to our nearest Wicker Emporium store to see what would suit our needs. We had an idea of what we wanted but still wanted to leave our options open. Plus it had to be kid and dog friendly. There were many things to choose from but we needed up going with our original item. It is a bicast brown Leather Ottoman table for our living room. It now holds all the little ones games and some of her books. It also serves as extra seating for when we have company. I also have discovered the little one lying up here playing or watching a favourite show. I love relaxing with my legs up after everything is done at night--you know those 10 minutes before I head to bed!

We need to go back and buy a couple of the Tray Ottomans to hold more toys and books. (I also need to go through those toys she no longer plays with and donate them. This can only be done though when she is not home because she says she plays with them all!) Plus some great baskets would come in handy. The accessories and furniture at Wicker Emporium are all so unique to items I see at other stores that I know I will be going back. Be sure to drop by soon.

Tracey Courtney

About Tracey Courtney

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Tracey is a number-crunching accountant and Mommy to a five year old daughter. She tries to be active and eat healthier to be a role model for her daughter. Tracey enjoys spending time with family and friends, yoga and running, reading and knitting. She blogs at Number Crunching Momma where she publishes reviews and giveaways for products and services that fit her life.

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