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Take It Outside

Take It Outside

Mother Nature has some pretty diverse temps in Canada in springtime. Sometimes we're not sure whether to pull out shorts or a snow suit! With this tease of tropical temps comes the issue of winter-worn outdoor spaces... one spot often overlooked. Everyone talks about curb appeal but what about yard appeal! We all want maximum square footage for our everyday living and entertaining needs. If your outdoor living space is attractive and usable in the warmer months you will be more likely to use and enjoy your own oasis. However small your al fresco space, it pays to put a little prep into making a fresh, relaxing spot.

outdoor plantersPlanters add texture and visual interest and can distract from a not so picturesque view. Grouping in a mass display creates more impact. Keeping plants in the same colour family and using only one colour or style of pot also makes more wow factor. Planters should also echo the style of your home whether it be contemporary, urban or traditional. If you have a mixture of pots, a can of spray paint can unify the look before you fill them. Stick to one or two colours when choosing plants... less is more. e.g. white flowering plants in black pots looks very chic in a contemporary setting.

Even the smallest patio can be transformed. A cafe table and chairs is a great solution. Compact and inexpensive, they can be purchased in many colours and styles. Wicker Emporium has one in their teak line which folds flat for easy storage. A smaller scale wicker chair and ottoman also sets the scene as a cosy reading area.  Add some pots of flowers and a pillow or two and you have created a beautiful vignette.

Outdoor tiles are a quick fix for an unsightly concrete patio. Easy to install, they give a look of luxury for minimum cost. An outdoor rug is another option and very practical on rough concrete. If you are preparing your home to sell, finishing touches such as these give your property a well-cared-for and “move in ready” look in a buyer’s mind. An investment that will pay off and be reflected in offers received.

Wicker Emporium patio furnitureThere are so many fabulous accessories to choose from for outdoor living. Lanterns, candle holders, pots, pillows. Decorate your outdoor space as you do your home--it is an extension of it and should reflect your personality too. Adding colour and texture can really transform an uninviting condo or apartment patio into much needed functional space. A small water feature can mask traffic noise and screens will hide a less than perfect view. Try bamboo blinds or indoor/ outdoor fabric drapes or awnings. Just check with your condo management or landlord first for any restrictions and rules.

Relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis, you deserve it.

Avril Brown

About Avril Brown

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Originally from Scotland, Avril Brown has made Halifax her home for over twenty years. Avril studied commercial art and visual merchandising in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon graduating she travelled around Scotland supplying visual merchandising services for a broad variety of businesses and trade shows. Since moving to Canada, Avril has held positions in the retail sector as a visual merchandiser, manager, and buyer of home decor, accessories, and furnishings. As a visual specialist with a passion for colour, fabrics, and creating beautiful interiors, home staging and interior decorating were the natural next steps in her career. Avril is the owner of Prep, a Halifax-based company providing home staging, interior decorating, and prop styling services.

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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