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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Summer, warm breezes, sunshine, sand and water all conjure up the feeling of relaxation, and if you are lucky, you may even be at a summer cottage. A beach house is the ultimate paradise. A few beach home decorating ideas will remind you that you are on vacation or at least give you the feeling that you are.

We wait many, long months for this time of year and then we jump in full strength to embrace it. It is my favourite time of year. I love nothing more than enjoying a warm evening breeze out on my deck. Cottages are not the only place you can create a “beach” atmosphere!

beach themed accessoriesIf you are planning on spending time at your getaway place, enjoy it! If you can't spend as much time as you'd like there, you can create that kind of atmosphere at your home in the city. It's nice to lighten up for summer and in doing so we can have our ‘cottage in the city’ look too! Many retailers stock items which will assist you in creating the beach house atmosphere, including Wicker Emporium who have some great items available that will lend you the look.

Moving indoor items outside is one way of adding a little sophistication and polish to your dining experience. Bring the outside in is also another way to create the ‘beach’ look. Here are some ways to help you create the look:

• If you're looking for a classic beach style, start with colour. Keep things light and breezy. Choose rustic wood flooring that has a sun-bleached look. Linen upholstery looks natural and casual, perfect for relaxing after a day in the sun. If you like the look of wicker, choose high-end pieces that don't feel cheap and tacky.

sailboat replica• Keep your look light and add white and some soft neutrals and earthy textures. I think it's a colour palette that helps bring the outside in. Earthy tones remind one of pebbles and driftwood washed up on the beach, weathered decks and paling fences. Grey, beige and taupe make for soft and harmonious accent colours. They blend, rather than highlight, creating a calming effect.

• Ample and comfortable seating in earth-tone linens with lots of toss pillows and throws creates a serene setting, while sheer curtains keep it light and easy. This works inside and outside.

• Incorporate found objects from a beach, or beach-themed items can be found in many décor shops. Driftwood can be used as a centrepiece or standalone object while shells, pebbles and sun-bleached sand dollars can be arranged in bowls.

napkin ring• Add some lanterns with candles for a restful look or fill a glass vase/cylinder with sand and candles

• Some large pieces of wood can be used as a small table

• Using plants for decorating is inexpensive and always beautiful. Live plants mimic the lush plant life of the beach and add colour to the décor. You can also add palm fronds in tall glass vases

Keeping it simple will mimic the feeling of a vacation getaway and make it easy to clean. Steer clear of deep rugs or ornate décor and opt instead for plain wood floors and simple lines.

Jeannette Wisby

About Jeannette Wisby

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Jeannette Wisby, Principal of Design Savvy, is a Certified Interior Decorator and is an Accredited member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association of Canada) and is currently an active on the National Board as well as Vice President of the GTA West Chapter of CDECA. Her company, Design Savvy, specializes in residential interior décor, offering many ideas and creative solutions to compliment the individual needs of clients. Her mandate is to maximize your home's potential while creating an innovative and dynamic interior unique to your personality.

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