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Snap Happy Vacation Photos

Snap Happy Vacation Photos

Many of us, right this minute, are packing for the annual family vacation, or it won't be long until we do. In every suitcase, carry-on, backpack or purse is stashed a digital device to record the happy times, smiling faces and local scenery. Before we start randomly clicking away here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Try to shoot photos early in the morning and later in the afternoon. At these times, natural light creates shadows and contrast that is more pleasing than at midday.

2. Record your experiences, not just the scenery! Try to get some local people involved in your activities and record their smiling faces too. In these days of digital file transfers you can probably share the photo with them right away. Mountains, street scenes, graffiti, modes of transportation, architecture, beaches, vegetation, and night life all make up part of the experience so don't be afraid to include some images portraying these unique characteristics that will give your photos a sense of place.

3. Step up – The closer you get, the more details you will be able to record.

adirondack chairs on a dock
4. What's your angle? Try photographing your subject from different points of view. I often refer to this as Hedgehog-Human-Hawk. Hedgehogs are the low angles and usually see things from below eye level. Human is, of course, somewhere close to eye level. And, you guessed it,Hawk is a high level looking down over the rooftops. Looking at your subject from a different angle can increase the level of interest in a final image and give some variety to a grouping of photos.

5. Take along extra storage cards and take lots 'n lots of photos... you can edit them later!

Vanessa Lentz

About Vanessa Lentz

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Vanessa graduated from the Holland College Centre of Creative Arts and has been working with photography ever since. She has photographed adults, children and babies all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. On her travels around the world she was captivated by architecture. After taking a marketing course Vanessa began to fully understand the ultimate strength and messaging power of strong imagery. She has combined her photography skills with a love of all things delicious and beautiful to help business people market and advertise their wares and services.

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