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Fresh Outlook

Fresh Outlook

It’s hard to fathom that 2014 is so close. The last year has flown by. Presents are being wrapped, trees are glowing and there is excitement in the air as the holidays draw closer. My own holiday shopping is going well, with a few personal purchases thrown in (hope hubby doesn’t read this) for our move in February to a new home. Part of my business is home staging and clients always comment “Your home must be always perfect”. Well, confession time… not always. Spending so much time in clients' homes and styling photo shoots often means my own space is neglected, so every once in a while I spend a day rearranging furniture, moving artwork around and changing up accessories to give a fresh new look. This doesn’t mean purchasing all new. Often just moving items from one room to the other will spark an idea for creating a whole new feel to my décor.

With this in mind I try to purchase pieces that will do double duty and work in a few different areas of my home. Tables, chairs, dressers all have been in different rooms at one point in time. One piece of artwork has been in every room, even the bathroom. I like to mix styles. A traditional bergere chair I recently acquired from my mother stands under a modern piece of artwork.

When I am shopping for furniture I don’t always come home with what I set out for. If I see a piece I really love I find a way to make it work. Thinking out of the box gives your home individuality and your furnishings longevity.

Here are some different uses for furniture you may not have thought of.

Mix your seating

Change up the look of your dining area. Colourful and mixed fabric benches, occasional chairs and stools can be mixed and matched to give an eclectic, more informal look. Removing some of your dining chairs and adding a bench you may have in the hallway or bedroom refreshes the look. Add two dining chairs and a small end table to the hallway, an easy switcheroo.

Mixed dining room seating Source

Bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be matchy matchy

Use two different pieces for nightstands and change lighting . Try to keep them the same height but vary the shape or texture. If your lamps are different heights, stack the shorter one on books to bring the height up.

Mixed accessories bedroom Source

Make art work for living

That artwork that has been hanging in the hallway/den/bedroom will have a whole new look in a room you may have thought was unsuitable for the piece. Try adding two smaller pieces instead of one large one or group art taken from other rooms in the home.

Bohemian decor living room Source

Reuse that forgotten china cabinet

In most homes a china cabinet is a nice place to display the “good” dinnerware that gets used a handful of times a year. Get more mileage from your china cabinet by repurposing it into a more functional  piece. Use to store all of the essentials for baby or linens and towels. Turn it into a bar or a craft centre, whatever fits your lifestyle.

Repurposed Wooden Hutch Source

When the tree comes down and things are looking a little drab, hit the sales for a piece you wouldn’t normally purchase and reinvent your space. It’s a real pick me up and changing your space gives it new energy and interest.

I’II let you know how the move goes in the New Year.

Happy Holidays from my house to yours.

Avril Brown

About Avril Brown

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Originally from Scotland, Avril Brown has made Halifax her home for over twenty years. Avril studied commercial art and visual merchandising in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon graduating she travelled around Scotland supplying visual merchandising services for a broad variety of businesses and trade shows. Since moving to Canada, Avril has held positions in the retail sector as a visual merchandiser, manager, and buyer of home decor, accessories, and furnishings. As a visual specialist with a passion for colour, fabrics, and creating beautiful interiors, home staging and interior decorating were the natural next steps in her career. Avril is the owner of Prep, a Halifax-based company providing home staging, interior decorating, and prop styling services.

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