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2014 Decorating Trends

2014 Decorating Trends

As the new year approached there were many predictions for “2014 Interior Decorating Trends”. Now that it’s here, it seems many trends from 2013 and the Highpoint Fall Furniture Market are still very popular, with only minor changes.

Our first honourable mention goes to Pantone’s colour of the year: Radiant Orchid.  It’s a lovely, happy colour that will blend well with some of the other colour trends happening and it works great with both the darker and softer tones that will be seen throughout the year.

Another important trend we're seeing is that more people are decorating their homes to reflect their own individuality. Self-expression is becoming more important as we want to create spaces that reflect who we are and how unique we are.

One way people did this, according to Highpoint, was by creating glamorous spaces and this continues as we see dark and moody decor, filled with mirrors and glitzy accents in different metallics.


Grey walls Source: Benjamin Moore

Accent walls are very popular. For a more glamorous look, opt for a darker wall that brings drama into the space. Think black, charcoal and navy.  Also popular, is the use of bright colours, like turquoise which seems to be popping up all over the place. It adds a Mediterranean feel to the home and lightens up dull spaces. Along with navy and turquoise, many different shades of blue will be seen. Grey is still a popular neutral paired with bright, saturated or softer colours. Choosing darker walls allows light fabrics to pop, and will serve as the perfect backdrop for a collection of trendy metallic accents.

Metallic accents Source: Scottsdale Interior Designers

Metallic & Mirrors

As in 2013, metallics remain hot and we continue to see silver and gold being used together. Other warm metallics like brass and copper are also coming back in a huge way. Gold seems to be dominating light fixtures and furniture hardware, in both shiny and brushed finishes, overtaking pewter and brushed nickel. Brass will continue to be a popular material again this year.

Blue tile Source:

Prints, Patterns & geometrics

Black and white is a classic home decor palette, but for 2014 I see it softening and feeling cozier. In the cooler months think Scandinavian chic, while in the summer months think French striped shirts.

Charcoal, black and white stripes are popular this year, as well as plaids, herringbone and hounds tooth. These patterns won’t be limited to pillows and upholstery, they’ll also be found in wall coverings and rugs. We’re also seeing bold geometric patterns, in upholstery and wall coverings and cut-velvet, mostly as large, graphic prints, including butterflies and Asian-inspired dragons.

Lots and lots of layering will be going on with both materials and textures. We love the look of mixing different metals, woods and fabrics, for example, cowhides on furniture as well as area rugs will be popular this year.

Wood is moving away from darker finishes to warmer tones, with walnut and oak being featured in flooring and cabinetry.

Head board Source: belfortfurniture

Moroccan influences are gaining in popularity especially with the many blues that are popular this year. Moroccan-inspired patterns have been appearing on fabrics, rugs and wall coverings for several seasons, but now the recognized pointed arch shape of Moorish architecture, is making its way into furniture pieces, such as upholstered headboards.

Will you be making any décor changes based on the 2014 trends?

Happy decorating!

Jeannette Wisby

About Jeannette Wisby

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Jeannette Wisby, Principal of Design Savvy, is a Certified Interior Decorator and is an Accredited member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association of Canada) and is currently an active on the National Board as well as Vice President of the GTA West Chapter of CDECA. Her company, Design Savvy, specializes in residential interior décor, offering many ideas and creative solutions to compliment the individual needs of clients. Her mandate is to maximize your home's potential while creating an innovative and dynamic interior unique to your personality.

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