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Decorating in the New Year

Decorating in the New Year

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! If you celebrate Christmas - this is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas decorations for next Christmas. I know. It sounds like the last thing you may want to be doing, but if you have been planning on switching your colour scheme or just want some more decorations overall - now is the perfect time as most decorations are on clearance!

When do you pack up your decorations? It's a bummer, I hear you… but they can't stay up forever. Unless you of course like to have your Christmas in July decorations up early… you know who you are!

Spaces can seem so bland and empty once the decor is put away, all of the glittery, shiny, decorations are gone and things seem a little dull in comparison. Have you ever wondered how to go about decorating now until Spring? I know I have… luckily I have a few tips for you!

Don't put away all of the decorations
Hear me out. Take a look at your decorations. Sure, some 'scream' Christmas - but look a little further into some of your other decor. Maybe you have some mini live fir trees you bought for outdoors, or maybe you have some natural twig stars or 'winter' themed decorations. Think icicles, deer, and even snowmen. Not every decoration is purely Christmas themed, winter decorations fit right into decor once the other decorations are away in the attic.

Country Living

A neutral pallet for Winter doesn't have to mean 'cold'. When it comes to your furniture consider mixing pillows in different neutral fabrics like linen, canvas, and even faux fur - you will be surprised at the luxury and warmth these fabrics can bring into a space. A throw blanket on a chair will beckon you to curl up with a warm drink and good book.

Plants and flowers
Just because it's not Spring doesn't mean you can't enjoy some greenery and live flowers. Winter can be a dreary time, so consider bringing a little bit of life within your home with some plants. Aren't the best plant caretaker? There's so many realistic faux plants available you are bound to find something to liven up your space. Think boxwood, paperwhites, even dried hydrangeas.

Don't skip on silver or gold accents for a bit of glam, such as mirrors, frames, or figurines. If you are a lover of colour, you could mix in an accent colour or two to pop within your space. The key is to bringing warmth and interest within your space while staying true to your unique style. No matter your favourite colour or theme, there's a way to transform your home to suit the winter season if you wish to do so. Darker or muted versions of your favourite colours are great ways to winterize your home.

I know some of you may not have an issue transforming your home after Christmas, but if you do I hope some of these tips can help some of you with your post-Christmas blues!

Wishing you all your best year yet!

Brandi Sawyer

About Brandi Sawyer

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Brandi Sawyer is the creator and blogger behind '' - a DIY and home design blog where her love and passion of interior design is showcased through her renovation projects. Brandi believes a beautiful home doesn't have to cost a fortune and through her blog teaches you how you can create a home that reflects your taste and personality while on a budget.

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