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Pamper yourself: Elements of a spa bathroom

Pamper yourself: Elements of a spa bathroom

There is finally a little patch of blue sky outside my window after a week of snow, ice, gales and torrential rain. Winter makes me want to hibernate and I don’t think I am alone. Unless you are skier, snowboarder or love to play in the snow, you are probably like me, counting the days until Spring. I prefer to watch Winter from the warmth and comfort of the great indoors, Winter wimp that I am.

Winter is a time for pampering and taking care of ourselves. Dry air, cold temps and lack of sunlight adds stress to our bodies and immune systems. It’s important to take some time to relax and unwind and what better place to do that than in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Creating a spa like bathroom is also a great project to work on in the Winter months. Contractors and painters are usually more available at this time of the year, before the Spring building season gets underway.

There are a few things to consider when doing a bathroom makeover.

Brown and aqua bathroom Image by Farm Gate Imaging


When choosing colours for a relaxing bathroom, I always look to nature. Blue skies, shimmering water and pearly shells. One of my no fail colours for a bathroom is soothing aqua. Though a cool color, aqua walls make a room glow. With its perfect mix of blue and green, aqua offers the expansive feel of a tropical sea. Use pale aqua to make the bathroom look its largest. Mix aqua with gold to warm up the space. Paired with fluffy white towels it never fails to give that crisp spa look.

Vanity with blue and white accents Image by Farm Gate Imaging


There is a myriad of choice for countertops, floors and tiling. One piece of advice is to keep it simple. That floral border tile may look good in the store but a couple of years from now you will wonder what possessed you. Keeping the main floor and wall tiles in a fairly neutral tone will add longevity to the design and resale value of your home. Adding a little bling in lighting, hardware and accents will make these elements easy to change down the road. Countertops should be the best quality for your budget. The trend today is for granite and marble, both good investments but there are some fabulous products in composite countertops. It goes without saying “easy clean” is key.

Light fixture Image by Farm Gate Imaging


Bathroom lighting has come a long way. From elegant sconces to sparkly chandeliers you can light your bathroom for function and elegance. Lighting over showers brighten and highlight this hard working area and a chandelier within sight from a bathtub will really up the glam factor on your spa night.

Bathroom towel drawer Image by Farm Gate Imaging


Think out of the box for bathroom storage. If you have the space, an armoire, dresser or bookcase adds an unexpected touch to a bathroom. A dresser can hold towels, toiletries and cosmetics, leaving your surfaces clear. If you are short on space think vertical. A tall unit with baskets or wall mounted shelves will do the trick.

Now is a good time of year to organize too. Clear out those old toiletries and towels. Unopened bottles are always welcome at homeless shelters and towels at an animal shelter. Start the year fresh and really enjoy your time in from the cold.

Avril Brown

About Avril Brown

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Originally from Scotland, Avril Brown has made Halifax her home for over twenty years. Avril studied commercial art and visual merchandising in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon graduating she travelled around Scotland supplying visual merchandising services for a broad variety of businesses and trade shows. Since moving to Canada, Avril has held positions in the retail sector as a visual merchandiser, manager, and buyer of home decor, accessories, and furnishings. As a visual specialist with a passion for colour, fabrics, and creating beautiful interiors, home staging and interior decorating were the natural next steps in her career. Avril is the owner of Prep, a Halifax-based company providing home staging, interior decorating, and prop styling services.

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