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Seasonal Wall Art

Seasonal Wall Art

Winter! We have been firmly embedded in it now for what seems like a lifetime. Being cooped up inside and dealing with frigid temps can get a girl down, but don't despair! Creating a seasonal display of wall art using your camera is a great way to keep yourself busy and perk up your mood.

First we go hunting. Yes, I said hunting. Keep your camera close and look around you. You will be surprised at what you see.

  • City scapes
  • Snowcapped mountains
  • Items in your garden
  • Ice
  • Your home
  • Birds and wildlife
  • Partial structures
  • Obscured surfaces

When you see a scene you like, ask 'Why do I like it?' It is probably exhibiting an element of design that appeals to you. Be on the lookout for:

When your hunting expedition is complete, play with cropping the image until you get something you like. Maybe a series of square images will be just the thing for your space. Or, maybe a set of three images in varying widths would work well. It's your space. It's your call.

One of my projects is taking on a bit of a 'wild life' and features some of the birds that flutter (or sometimes run) by my front window and perch in the apple tree.


Change the colour. If you don't already have one, find yourself an editing program capable of manipulating colour. Play around with it on a lazy Sunday morning.  If you are in love with the drama and energy of red, go with it. Maybe you find the soft hues of blue are the most effective for creating a calm space to unwind and relax. It's your space. Make it work for you in the most positive way.

Another project that is starting to take shape is rather abstract and contains hues of blue. I will include whatever tickles my fancy and see what Mother Nature is dishing up over the next few months.


Once you get a few shots completed, think about how you want to display them. I haven't reached this stage with my own projects yet, but I'm already starting to think about what would look best for each one. I might even get a few Christmas gifts taken care of for next December.

  • framed
  • printed on Canvas
  • collage page
  • set of coffee mugs
  • posters
  • coffee table book
  • use them on Facebook and Twitter
  • greeting cards
  • computer screensaver


If you choose to hang them, remember to check out the handy guide to hanging artwork here.

Vanessa Lentz

About Vanessa Lentz

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Vanessa graduated from the Holland College Centre of Creative Arts and has been working with photography ever since. She has photographed adults, children and babies all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. On her travels around the world she was captivated by architecture. After taking a marketing course Vanessa began to fully understand the ultimate strength and messaging power of strong imagery. She has combined her photography skills with a love of all things delicious and beautiful to help business people market and advertise their wares and services.

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