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Steady Brook Saddlery Photo Shoot

Steady Brook Saddlery Photo Shoot

I was recently approached by a local saddle maker to do a product photo shoot. I knew I was in for a treat when I heard it was for his line of case goods. What woman would turn down the chance to handle, hold, feel and smell leather handbags? Not this one!

Table chair with bagsThe timeline was short so I had to put the idea generator into high gear to figure out where and how to shoot these handcrafted items. I needed to do it in a way that would communicate all the elements that make them so fabulous. E-mails started flying and phones began ringing from Halifax to Windsor and in the end, the photo shoot was done in a small community centre. We used a few key pieces of furniture from Wicker Emporium and a couple of items found in my own prop cupboard.

Because the handbags had to play a starring role, the furniture pieces were kept simple in design. Light colours were chosen to either contrast or compliment the colour of the leathers. The smaller prop items were chosen to represent items that might be found in any woman's purse.

Shelves and leather bags Lighting was key in creating just enough contrast to bring out the rich colours, the unique shapes and decorative details of the bags.

Placement of the bags played a huge role in composing the shots in order to create a path for the eye to follow and something interesting for it to land on at the end.

And of course, finding a great angle to shoot from is an exploration in itself. I tend to check out 3 or 4 angles on a set up and decide later what I prefer when I see it on screen during the editing process.

All in all, a fun shoot with lots to think about.

Furniture/Rugs: Wicker Emporium

Handbags/Belts: Steady Brook Saddlery

Vanessa Lentz

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Vanessa graduated from the Holland College Centre of Creative Arts and has been working with photography ever since. She has photographed adults, children and babies all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. On her travels around the world she was captivated by architecture. After taking a marketing course Vanessa began to fully understand the ultimate strength and messaging power of strong imagery. She has combined her photography skills with a love of all things delicious and beautiful to help business people market and advertise their wares and services.

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