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Recycled Boat Furniture From Java, Indonesia

Recycled Boat Furniture From Java, Indonesia

One of Wicker Emporium's sourcing agents, Khalid, recently traveled to the exotic island Java, Indonesia in search of recycled boat furniture. This furniture is made completely from reclaimed boat wood, or recycled boats!

Java is Indonesian island, situated between Sumatra and Bali. With a population roughly equal to Russia as of 2014, Java is the world's most populated island and one of the most densely populated places in the world; 57% of the Indonesian population live here!

Pile of woodAfter a long, cramped bus ride, Khalid reached his destination in the middle of the night. The journey was a stressful one with cyclists, scooters and all kinds of vehicles racing to get to their destination first. He was too frightened to fall asleep. He arrived in Situbondo, East Java at 3:30 a.m. and checked into his hotel. Tired, all Khalid wanted was to have a shower and go to bed, but his inexpensive hotel had no hot water!

Table and chairs Khalid woke at 8:30 and planned his visits to many suppliers dealing in recycled boat wood. He saw some very interesting, different old boats and boat wood. As a furniture buyer he was pleased to see used wood being recycled into unique artistic pieces.

He spent his day sourcing a number of boat wood furniture suppliers in very hot conditions. There was nothing glamorous about this trip; no fancy restaurants to eat at, only small, cheap eateries called Warungs.

After a long, hard day of searching Khalid finally found the perfect designs for Wicker Emporium. Despite the long day of travel and the poor conditions, Khalid was happy to have found such unique pieces. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think! We value your feedback and if you love these pieces, let us know so we can tell Khalid to buy, buy, buy!

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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