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The Occasional Chair That Gets Used all the Time

The Occasional Chair That Gets Used all the Time

Beige chair As a décor consultant I often recommend the addition of chairs. Just the right chair can be the perfect balance for an existing couch. Choosing two chairs to go with a couch instead of the store packaged love seat combination adds interest and versatility; it can be a much better fit for a smaller or challenging space. One or two accent chairs with a table create an inviting and functional secondary seating area in a main living space. A chair can be a great accent piece for the bedroom, entry, or spacious hallway nook. Whether the desired result is comfort, bringing color and texture into the space, or to beautifully fill an empty space, chairs are a wonderful décor tool.

Chairs are versatile. I carry a staging inventory of furniture and accessories with which to dress vacant homes and lived in homes which need a few extras brought in before hitting the market for sale. There are lots of chairs in my inventory, chosen for their adaptability to a variety of design and color schemes. Consider the Wicker Emporium chair shown in these pictures showing two staged rooms. This chair is neutral yet offers loads of personality. Pairing this chair with completely different color schemes works beautifully with the use of coordinating accessories such as cushions, rugs and artwork.

Sitting roomWicker chairs
Wondering how to choose the right chair for you? The main considerations are function, size, style, and color.

Start by determining how the chair will be used. Is the chair’s role mostly to look good, or is comfort important for extended sitting such as reading, web surfing or watching television? Maybe you want a matching ottoman to rest your feet on.

Identify the ideal size for your space and bring your measurements to the store, where it can be tricky to visualize size and proportion. You’ll want to know the ideal footprint of the chair to ensure ample floor space for the chair and movement around it and you may want to check the height of the seat, back and arms against existing furniture in the room so that it will relate well with the couch or table it will be placed beside.

Next, look at the style of the chair you are considering. Does it have similar arms, feet and lines to your other furniture? Are you looking for a stand-out piece or one that blends with the existing décor? These three cool Wicker Emporium chairs are an example of the different shapes, visual weight, and finishing details you will have to choose from.

Finally, make sure the color and pattern works with your space and that you love it. Bring to the store your exiting colors such as paint chips and cushions from the room to match up to. If possible view the chair and your samples in natural light as store lights can be very different from home. Even with neutrals there are a wide variety of undertones which can make or break a good fit, and you may want to see the chair in your space before committing to it.

Why are they called occasional chairs anyways? These versatile, functional and ever important décor pieces get used all the time! Do you have a spot in your home for a new chair?

Melanie Orr

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Interiors by Melanie has been providing staging and decorating services in the Halifax area since 2004, with a true passion and talent for all things to do with home design and decor. Our mission: To provide a superior service to clients by creating the best use and beauty of their home, whether the goal is to sell or to make it their own.

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