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Choosing the Right Rug for You

Choosing the Right Rug for You

Let’s say you have a beautiful seating arrangement within your home. The chairs are conversationally placed, you have a great coffee table and your décor couldn’t be more perfect. Or perhaps you have a gorgeous bedroom set and bedding, but you still feel there could be a sense of comfort added. Maybe you need a rug!

Think this could be the solution? If so, I have some helpful tips to make sure you purchase the perfect size so you don’t end up bringing home one you are bound to regret. The idea is to pull a space together and to help ground an area!

The main mistake to avoid is buying a rug that is too small. Rugs are an investment - I know - and you want to save money, but to pay for something only to realize it doesn’t benefit your space the way you dreamed is a real letdown. Buy cheap, buy twice!

layered accent rugs Photo Credit:

To avoid this problem, measure the space in which you intend to have your rug. A rug does not have to fill the whole room, but if you have a larger room chances are your conversation area, or area you are looking to pull together, will be a lot larger as well. If you are measuring for a seating space, make sure your rug is at least a bit wider than the width of the sofa or seats.

Having knowledge of the measurement you want will help you get an idea when you are out shopping. Rugs rolled up or hanging look quite a bit different than when they are laying in a room. On that note, so do designs! If you are able, try laying or rolling a potential rug out a bit to get a feel of the design and how it looks on the floor.

If you already have some rugs that didn’t work out due to their small size, consider reusing them in a smaller space such as an entryway or office, or even a hallway. You never know until you try and you might just end up with a nice surprise! You could also consider layering a smaller rug over a larger rug depending on the design. This is something I’m seeing a lot lately with natural rugs (think jute, hemp, etc). A particular favourite of mine is a natural rug with layered faux cowhide.

Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help you. Good luck!

Brandi Sawyer

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Brandi Sawyer is the creator and blogger behind '' - a DIY and home design blog where her love and passion of interior design is showcased through her renovation projects. Brandi believes a beautiful home doesn't have to cost a fortune and through her blog teaches you how you can create a home that reflects your taste and personality while on a budget.

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