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How to Choose Beautiful, Functional Furniture

How to Choose Beautiful, Functional Furniture

Form follows function. This was a statement presented to me as a design student, and I had to give it some thought before accepting its validity. My pre-training passion for decorating was such that I cared little about functionality as long as I could make a space beautiful. Yet it is true that function comes first, and décor, no matter how stunning, is only successful if the space performs as it should.

Still, even functional furniture choices can be beautiful. I was recently shopping for a TV stand. Function dictated a certain size and strength as well as space for the components. Form on the other hand was open to interpretation.

Cluttered TV StandHere’s a typical stand which can be purchased at an electronics store. No offense to those who like the look of electronics; they just don’t lend much warmth and interest to a room. You guessed it, I rejected this type of stand and went on the hunt for a piece that would serve the function needed and provide great form.

solid wood media standLook what I found at Wicker Emporium. A gorgeous, solid wood piece in just the right size, open on the back for wired connections, with lots of room underneath to tuck away the components. And for a comparable price to the style shown above.

TV on new media standNow I know that some people believe form is irrelevant and that only functionality counts. If that is your true belief, then I support your choices. If, however, you avoid paying attention to form because it’s not in your comfort zone, I encourage you to reach out and take advantage of the wonderful talent and materials available to you. Maybe it would have been easier to buy the stand that came with the TV, but that would have been a missed opportunity for an end result like this; form and function in harmony.

Be adventurous, enjoy your decorating, and love your space.

Melanie Orr

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Interiors by Melanie has been providing staging and decorating services in the Halifax area since 2004, with a true passion and talent for all things to do with home design and decor. Our mission: To provide a superior service to clients by creating the best use and beauty of their home, whether the goal is to sell or to make it their own.

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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