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Behind the Scenes at a Fall Accessories Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes at a Fall Accessories Photo Shoot

Hands down, my favourite season is fall. Nature’s colour palette explodes with warm hues of red, gold and orange. Comforting soups, warm and cozy fabrics, scents of cinnamon and apples and of course that seasonal must-have, the pumpkin spice latte...mmmmm. Way back in the spring, while we still had snow on the ground, Vanessa of Farm Gate Imaging, Priyanka, Wicker Emporium’s Marketing Manager and I met on a very chilly day to discuss photo shoot ideas for the coming year.

Geese on the FarmWe shoot primarily in the Wicker Emporium studio but we try to do a few location shoots throughout the year, so we can be more creative and showcase beautiful product in a larger setting. So far this year we have used my home, a beautiful model home by LeFort Homes and Priyanka’s deck in the city as shoot locations, but for fall we wanted somewhere special. Vanessa called her company “Farm Gate” for a reason. She really does live on a farm; a hobby farm, with sheep, goats and “Socks” the horse, with some beautiful countryside surrounding her family abode.

When Vanessa says we are going to the country, being a city girl, I get a slightly worried. Being so far from a coffee shop, traffic lights and never having the appropriate footwear can make me uneasy. This time I came prepared with my floral gardening boots...they should be good for a country jaunt, right?

rubber bootsLocation shoots take a lot of planning. Vanessa does a location pre-visit and sends me some images, so we know what the best areas for vignettes will be and to give me an idea of product and props to bring. A few weeks beforehand I select what we will feature in the shoot. This involves warehouse, store and website shopping, making sure it is all in stock. The goods are reserved for us by Andy, warehouse supervisor. Many emails, discussions and two vehicles full of product later and we are all set. Good thing Vanessa is a truck gal!

Early morning on the day of the photo shoot, I left Halifax headed down the highway to rendezvous with Vanessa and load up on produce for props. Farm stands in Nova Scotia are full of local apples, pears and plums this time of year so there was no shortage of choice. Our location was the Meehan’s Farm, friends of Vanessa’s. This lovely couple made us so very welcome. Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (2)Rolling green fields as far as the eye could see, sunflowers, a beautiful tree-lined road leading up to the property, and a garden with so many different vegetables growing I lost count. Our gracious hosts let us pick anything we needed for the shoot from their garden (knew those boots would come in handy). All this and geese, ducks, a rooster, farm cat and “Blue” the dog. There were so many fabulous places to shoot on the property and so many items that made stunning props. A weathered, red, wooden cart, placed in front of the sunflowers made a stunning first shoot spot.

The day was warm and the sun was playing hide and seek between the clouds, but Vanessa can work her magic and make sunshine with the correct lighting, even in the rain (as I have discovered, holding her lighting gear in a passing shower and windy conditions at a shoot last year). Many product set ups and moves around the farm on the back of the truck (with me hanging on for dear life) later, we have images we are both happy with. Finally at 6.30 pm, just as perfect light arrived we started packing up and started for home, tired and weary but so happy with the outcome. Here are just a few of the images from our fabulous day on the farm.
Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (7)

Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (6)

Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (4)

Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (5)

Wicker Emporium Fall Accessories  (1)

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Originally from Scotland, Avril Brown has made Halifax her home for over twenty years. Avril studied commercial art and visual merchandising in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon graduating she travelled around Scotland supplying visual merchandising services for a broad variety of businesses and trade shows. Since moving to Canada, Avril has held positions in the retail sector as a visual merchandiser, manager, and buyer of home decor, accessories, and furnishings. As a visual specialist with a passion for colour, fabrics, and creating beautiful interiors, home staging and interior decorating were the natural next steps in her career. Avril is the owner of Prep, a Halifax-based company providing home staging, interior decorating, and prop styling services.

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