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Style Lesson:  Find Your Focal Colours First

Style Lesson: Find Your Focal Colours First

Colour can be the trickiest part about creating a cozy room. There are just SO many choices! But the best part is that a great colour palette can create a harmonious room that you can look forward to being in every day.

But as much as I love paint, it should never be the first item you decide on. Sure you can say, I'd love a blue room, but never, never pick that paint chip first. Why? Well, you can match a paint colour to just about any pillow, piece of furnishing or artwork you wish, but you will have an extremely difficult time matching a pillow, a rug or textile to the colour you already put on your wall. Start with some items that are easier to mix and match and THEN pick your wall colour based on those pieces.

At a recent Wicker Emporium shopping trip, I found two pillows and one rug that would make fantastic colour palettes. Wrap your room (and adjoining rooms) around these focal colours and you'll have a harmonious home that you'll be excited about coming home to every night.

Subtle & Soft

cushion and matching paint chips Garden Cushion Cover from Wicker Emporium shown with PARA Paint colours. Photo: Meredith Newberry

Garden Cushion Cover from Wicker Emporium shown with PARA Paint colours. Photo: Meredith Newberry[/caption]This would be a fantastic relaxing palette for a sunny spot in your house. I've shown this pillow with a grey chair, but you could pair it with many neutral furnishings. Personally I'd select a neutral colour for the walls, the furniture in a deeper neutral, and then using the green I’d add an accent wall and layer in a variety of accessories throughout the room using different textures and scale. For this inspiration room I'd use natural textures like sisal rugs, burlap embellishments and lots of greenery.

Try: PARA Paint’s Grey Owl or Burnham Brown Tint 1 (Walls), Applemint (Trim), Annapolis Valley Tint 3 (Accent Wall), Citadel Grey or Burnham Brown Tint 2 (Upholstered Furnishings).

Bright & Cozy

cushion and matching paint chips Cushion from Wicker Emporium shown with PARA Paint colours. Photo by Meredith Newberry

This pillow would introduce a welcome pop of colour into a neutral room. The bright colours will transition well throughout the seasons too. Choose large upholstered furniture in neutrals and bring in accent furniture or artwork in the brighter colours of the cushion.

Or you can go bold on your walls with this palette and layer lots of wood, leather and cozy throws into this room. If you want to pick a bold palette, try the blue or yellow on your walls, cover your furniture with the deep brown, add accent chairs with the neutrals and pepper in reds and greys throughout as your accents.

Try: PARA Paint’s Robertson House Gold Tint 3 or Champlain (Bold Walls), OR Roblin’s Mill (Neutral Wall) with either of the Bold Walls as an Accent Wall, Empire Grey (Trim), Black Creek (Upholstered Furnishing).

Ruby Red

Zig-Zag Rug shown with Benjamin Moore paint colours. Photo by Meredith Newberry Zig-Zag Rug shown with Benjamin Moore paint colours. Photo by Meredith Newberry

Another place to pick a colour palette is through a rug. This red Zig-Zag Indoor/Outdoor rug has always caught my eye. To really liven up a living space or home office, pair this red and white rug with a bold red accent wall in Benjamin Moore’s Bonaparte and neutral walls in Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist. A neutral chair like the Bloomingville High-Back Lounge Chair would be a subtle complement to the rug and let the bright reds take center stage. Once again woods would be a great

Sarah's House 4.  Photo by Stacey Brandford. Sarah's House 4. Photo by Stacey Brandford.
choice to furnish the room, either in a dark natural stain or a bright white to continue the punch of bright light.

Sarah Richardson used a red accent wall with neutral accessories in Sarah’s House 4. It looks fabulous.

Keep in mind that to create a whole home palette you should use a similar palette throughout adjoining rooms. If, for example, you choose a red accent wall in your living room, try to carry that same red through in accents in the kitchen or dining room.

And remember, colours are so personal that there's not one perfect choice, instead there many options that can make a room come to life.

Meredith Newberry

About Meredith Newberry

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Meredith Newberry writes the Ottawa interior design blog, with interior decorator, Susan Sykes. The blog showcases and curates interior style in Canada's Capital city, Ottawa. Meredith is a writer by education and a style lover by passion. Meredith and her husband have one young son and one set-in-his-ways Weimaraner.

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