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Transitioning into Fall Decor

Transitioning into Fall Decor

Fall weather is upon us again! Hard to believe, isn't it?

It can be a little bit confusing with the summer-like heat that September sometimes has in combination with all of the pumpkins you'll see on store shelves. Not to worry--you don't need to deck your home full of pumpkins just yet. If you are still holding on to the warmer months, I suggest making a gradual transition to your fall decor!

How do you do this you ask? I'm happy to tell you it's very easy and will also make your fall decorating much easier when you decide to pull out the rest of your pretty autumn decor.

Flowers & Plants

silk flowerMums are a fall staple, and appropriately bloom perfectly between the transitioning seasons. Along with your mums, I recommend decorating with dried flowers. If you have hydrangeas, now is the perfect time to dry them out...and the best part? They work well with your interior well into the winter months. There is beauty in dried flowers--play around with them in your home and see how well they complement your space!


apple pine wreathWreaths are clearly no longer just for Christmas! Wreaths are a seasonal staple in many homes these days, between seasons as well as during the holidays. Whether you want to DIY your own fall wreath or purchase one, it's an ideal way to slowly move into the cooler days. Try a straw wreath with dried flowers, or lean more toward autumn with a pine cone wreath--you can't go wrong! Express yourself and your home's colours.


striped throw blanketWhen it comes to the decor in your home, I suggest packing away anything overly summery. I know many of us in the Atlantic provinces have a bit of a coastal interior year-round, but simply removing the pieces that 'scream' summer will help change the feel of the season within your home. Adding some texture and warmth into your home, in the way of throw blankets, switching out pillows, and a couple of autumn inspired vignettes, is an ideal way to start mixing in some fall magic.


scented jar candlesToo hot to bake hearty desserts just yet? Purchase some warm-scented fall candles to help set the feel of fall in your home. Scent and memory go hand-in-hand, so igniting a familiar scented candle that sparks up warm memories is bound to bring you into the cozy feeling of autumn.

Good luck!

Brandi Sawyer

About Brandi Sawyer

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Brandi Sawyer is the creator and blogger behind '' - a DIY and home design blog where her love and passion of interior design is showcased through her renovation projects. Brandi believes a beautiful home doesn't have to cost a fortune and through her blog teaches you how you can create a home that reflects your taste and personality while on a budget.

  • Colette Carrier

    I also love adding warm scented candles to my home in the Fall! Great idea and great article!

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