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Adding Whimsical Decor to Your Spaces

Adding Whimsical Decor to Your Spaces

Many considerations and factors go into the making of a great space. One of the important ingredients of a successful room is a touch of whimsy.

Whim-sy: noun
playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humour
a thing that is fanciful or odd

Why is it important? Whimsy keeps a space from being too self-important. Whether you recreate from images of rooms you love or hire a decorator to help you create your beautiful space, a well-designed room presents balance, proportion, coordinated colors and fabrics, great functionality, and a sense of style. Adding in the unexpected, however, can be the secret ingredient that truly makes the room.

A radio ad promoting home décor materials suggests we want to “make it magazine”, in other words we want our homes to look stylin’. Don’t think that means the space can’t reflect your character and bring out a smile or a chuckle in you and your guests.

How to add whimsy

  • bright coloured cushionsThink about something relevant to you such as your history, a favorite hobby or interest, and add it in. Place an antique train or camera on the coffee table, or a bust of someone you admire in the corner. I’ve just been asked to find a spot for an old, beloved rocking horse in clients’ redecorated living space. The colors are wrong for the room but I’m going to make it work knowing it will bring smiles and be a great conversation piece.
  • When you absolutely fall in love with something at the store that does not fit your decorating scheme, give yourself permission to find a spot for it. Remember though, it’s a touch of whimsy I am suggesting and not a room full of misfits.
  • Add the unexpected
  • metal side tablesBreak up furniture sets such as placing one non-matching interesting end table in your seating arrangement.
  • Toss some bright cushions on the couch in an otherwise calm space.
  • Mix in a different style piece, such as an urban renewal dining table with an antique sideboard.
  • Re-function a piece such as placing a dresser in your family room.
  • Bring the outdoors in; cut tall, wild branches from your yard, or display a piece of driftwood you collected.
  • If all the lights in your house match change one in a prominent location to something fun.
  • Hang a mirror or grouping of mirrors in an unexpected place, how about beside a chair too low to use for your own reflection.
  • round gold mirrorChange the ends of your curtain rods to something unique to you. Finials can be purchased separately and screwed into existing rods. Quite often unusual finials can be found at gift stores.
  • Can’t think of anything? Ask for help from someone who knows you (family, friends, your decorator) to choose something which will trigger a positive emotion in you.

Whimsical décor choices often bend or break the rules of decorating. These rules can be critical to a successful room; proceed with caution. You may want to consult your decorator, who can confidently play with the rules.

hanging lampIf your home is on the market for sale, pack away whimsical touches, which may not speak to the buyer. The way we live in our home is different than the way we sell our property.

Melanie Orr

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Interiors by Melanie has been providing staging and decorating services in the Halifax area since 2004, with a true passion and talent for all things to do with home design and decor. Our mission: To provide a superior service to clients by creating the best use and beauty of their home, whether the goal is to sell or to make it their own.

  • Colette Carrier

    Love those cushions! and that hanging pendant lamp! Great article!

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