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Customize Your Industrial Stools from Wicker Emporium

Customize Your Industrial Stools from Wicker Emporium


It seems that everywhere you look lately you see industrial décor. You may not think this décor will fit in with your existing style and taste but I’d like to show you it can! I also thought it wouldn’t fit in with what is already in my home; I thought it would look out of place. Boy was I wrong! It’s okay to mix up your style a little, to stray from the norm, and to break all the conventional rules.

Wicker Emporium Industrial Stools (3)Enter these gorgeous metal Industrial Stools. I’ve seen similar stools floating around the Blogosphere and thought they would blend well with any style. Their versatility, simplicity and sophistication fits any room by adding character that is subtle enough to either blend with what you have or stand on its own.
I also knew that if I could get my paint brush on these beauties I could show you how you can incorporate almost any kind of furniture into your own home. I was a little apprehensive to paint them because I really loved the patina and aged look, but once I had my paint brush in hand it was like it was meant to be. I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint again as I knew it would bond to the metal with ease and would distress perfectly.

Wicker Emporium Industrial Stools (5)The stools were exactly chair height so they fit perfectly under the dining room table. They add just a pop of color and fun to the room. The fun didn’t stop there though; see how perfect it looks as a little end table. These stools are an example of versatility at its best!

It’s your home, you can decide what to do with it, and you are the rule maker or breaker!

Wicker Emporium is giving away both of these stools on the Facebook Page. Leave a comment there telling us what color you prefer and you will automatically be entered to win that colour stool!

Colette Carrier

About Colette Carrier

Website @jackcolette23 Facebook More posts by Colette

Hi my name is Colette and I am a Middle School Teacher, mother, and obsessed furniture painter. Nothing makes me happier than finding a piece of furniture and transforming it with Milk Paint! sanding, no priming and no chemicals! You can literally paint a dresser from start to finish in one afternoon! I hope you follow along on this journey with me and get inspired to pick up a brush and start painting...I know you'll be happy you did!

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