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Christmas Decor that Honours the Home

Christmas Decor that Honours the Home

This holiday season I have the honour of decorating a beautiful new home for its very first Christmas. The owners graciously offered their home as one of three for the Junior League of Halifax's primary fund raiser, Homes for the Holidays. Since this new home is seeing its first Christmas, the decorations including colors, theme and even deciding the best spot for a tree were open to interpretation. This might be an overwhelming task for some home owners, to devise a plan from scratch. Would you like to know how I decided what to do with the house? I followed four simple steps you can follow in your own home to choose your Christmas decor, and this can be applied to everyday decor too. These are strategies you can use to determine what is going to work the best in your home:

  • hanging lightHave a conversation with the house. This house I'm decorating is contemporary and open concept in shades of warm, soft greys and white. The lighting is beautiful, especially this exquisite light over the dining table. The house style and colors and this fixture became the basis for my concept, The Crystal Forest.
  • Check in with what you already have. Do you have bins full of previous years’ decorations? Take them out ahead of time and set aside the pieces you no longer love, and the worn out bits to give away. Identify what’s left and choose a scheme that will make use of what you have. Don’t be afraid though to leave some things in the bins for another year.
  • Devise a plan. Maybe this year you will change things up by adding in a new accent color or style. Consider carrying your theme and colors to the outside as well. And don’t forget the back deck or patio. Ribbons, bows, berries and branches are beautiful daytime decorations and of course glittery lights on timers for after dark.
  • Shop and execute. Identify what you will need, source it, and put it all together. For the Homes for the Holidays home we’ll be using crystals, forest animals, silver, white and sparkly lights with a bright green accent running throughout. The colors and sparkle will set off the grays in the home beautifully and create The Crystal Forest.

With a clear shopping list in hand, you will have more success at the stores. The selection available is tantalizing and can be overwhelming; it’s easy to over-buy or choose the wrong things if you don’t know just what you want. I bought ornaments for the Homes for the Holidays decorating from Wicker Emporium. I loved the way they had laid out the huge selection of Christmas decor with the sparkly, contemporary pieces on one side and the more traditional, colorful bits on the other side, making it easy for shoppers to visualize and pull things together for themselves.

holiday ornaments at wicker emporium The sparkly, contemporary side.
holiday ornaments at wicker emporium The warm, traditional side.

Wishing you Joyful Decorating!

Melanie Orr

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Interiors by Melanie has been providing staging and decorating services in the Halifax area since 2004, with a true passion and talent for all things to do with home design and decor. Our mission: To provide a superior service to clients by creating the best use and beauty of their home, whether the goal is to sell or to make it their own.

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