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Tips for Entering Contests Requiring Photos

Tips for Entering Contests Requiring Photos

Have you noticed? Wicker Emporium has been running a number of contests – contests with BIG Prizes! Think back to April when they gave away a $2,000 dining collection. The 'My Wicker Home' contest ran back in August with a top prize of $1,000 just for submitting some photos. These prizes are nothing to sneeze at my friends! I certainly would not turn down winnings like that. Check out the current Pick Your Prize contest on Facebook.

Quite often contests run by Wicker Emporium will involve you submitting some of your own photos so today I will share a few tips on how to boost your chances of landing in the winner's circle.
contests to win new furniture at Wicker Emporium

Prop Them Up: even the most beautiful piece of furniture can look lonely if its room mates are not included in the shot. Add a few relevant props to help tell a story of how the piece is being used. For example, a bedside table can be supported with a lamp, a book and some reading glasses to make it feel more realistic and illustrate its functionality. Try adding a tray of candles to a coffee table or some fresh veggies to a kitchen island.

Lighten Up: these days the trendy paint colours are often light and airy, creating a more pleasant and up-beat mood in a room. Be sure to capture that mood by adjusting your camera settings for proper exposure (refer to your camera's instruction manual).

If you feel confident in using a flash unit for extra light, by all means feel free to do so. If not, try creating the image at a time of day when the sun is not shining directly into the room (late afternoon), especially if your shot is going to include the window. The direct sunlight can throw off the camera's light meter leaving all but the window in darkness.

What's Your Angle?: Choose your vantage point or angle by walking around the room or piece you are featuring. Decide where you will stand/sit to take the shot, keeping in mind your story and light situation. Then decide if you want to shoot from eye level, lower than eye level or from a higher vantage point.

Then check you are holding the camera in a level position – no tilt left or right – and take a shot. Examine it and make adjustments as required.

Move around the room and experiment with slightly unusual angles and vantage points to see what you come up with. Happy snapping and the best of luck to you with your next photo contest submission.

Vanessa Lentz

About Vanessa Lentz

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Vanessa graduated from the Holland College Centre of Creative Arts and has been working with photography ever since. She has photographed adults, children and babies all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. On her travels around the world she was captivated by architecture. After taking a marketing course Vanessa began to fully understand the ultimate strength and messaging power of strong imagery. She has combined her photography skills with a love of all things delicious and beautiful to help business people market and advertise their wares and services.

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