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Sparkling New Year's Eve Decor

Sparkling New Year's Eve Decor

With all the pre-holiday buzz around, we sometimes forget about New Year’s Eve decor. Champagne, midnight kisses and friends is a perfect excuse to throw a fabulous New Year’s Eve dinner party. Here are a few ways to get your table decor ready:

Glitz & Glam

New Year’s Eve is a time to go all out on decorating your table. Think sparkle and shine, your guests will love it.

Cut Silver Votive Candle Holder Cut Silver Votive Candle Holder

Geometric Placemat Geometric Placemat

Classic pieces

Bring out your white table cloth, your best dishes and silverware. Whatever your best is, get it out and on the table. Ring in the new year that’s coming your way on your best stuff.


Bells and clocks are a fabulous centerpiece idea. Try lining up clocks along the center of the table. You could set them at various time zones around the world to know when other countries are hitting midnight. You could also gather a number of bells in the center of the table and maybe string a few around your guests’ napkins with a note to say “Cheers to ringing in the New Year together”.

Old Fashioned Clock Old Fashioned Clock

Nickel Bell Nickel Bell

Silver and White Berry Wreath Silver and White Berry Wreath

Party fun

A great way to store your party whistles, hats, fun glasses and horns for midnight is in a large beautiful bowl. They will look great and ready at hand for your guests to watch the ball drop.

Nickel Bowl with Vine Etching Nickel Bowl with Vine Etching
Alicia Malcolm-Robinson

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Together with my hubby, we're working on renovating our 1920's home in Ottawa, ON to create beautiful spaces to raise our 5 year old, 2 year old and baby girl and be house proud. He's got the tools and I'm the designer. Small or big, all spaces deserve to be beautiful and functional for real life and with real life budgets.

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