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Decorating for Winter

Decorating for Winter

Have you put away all your holiday decor? Does it feel a little bare? Maybe you love the clean fresh look or maybe you're feeling like it’s looking a little empty?

My house always feels so bare once all the Christmas glam is gone. What’s a girl to do? It’s time to do a little decorating for winter. Here’s a look to take you from Christmas-y to winter-y.
mirror over decorated  mantle

Try starting with a clean slate on your mantle and add a little greenery, pine cones and candles. Think “fresh winter”. This way, it still feels like winter but allows the space to breathe after all the Christmas decor the mantle receives.

fresh cut birch logs
Here are a few other ways to cozy up your home for the winter season:

  • Layers – swap out your lighter throws for something warm and tactile. Or switch up your throw pillows with something knitted. We all want to feel warm in the winter and so does your couch.

grey blanket and pillow

  • Texture – baskets, pinecones, extra blankets and sheepskins at the foot of the beds and more area rugs. Try adding pinecones to a gorgeous bowl on your coffee table.

Pine Cones

  • Candles – you can’t have enough of these babies in the winter. Line them up along your mantle or group 6-8 pillars together in the middle of your coffee or dining table.

The time between Christmas and Spring can be a hard time to decorate in your home. Remember to think fresh, cozy and warm. You will love it.

Alicia Malcolm-Robinson

About Alicia Malcolm-Robinson

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Together with my hubby, we're working on renovating our 1920's home in Ottawa, ON to create beautiful spaces to raise our 5 year old, 2 year old and baby girl and be house proud. He's got the tools and I'm the designer. Small or big, all spaces deserve to be beautiful and functional for real life and with real life budgets.

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