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Drapery 101 - Using Drapes to Update Your Room

Drapery 101 - Using Drapes to Update Your Room

We are finally seeing signs of spring, after a horrendous winter of binging on storm chips and Netflix, the clocks changed this weekend and the annual "spring forward" was welcomed by all. Longer days and much needed sunshine await. It's time to throw open the drapes and celebrate making it through another snow and ice fest. On the subject of window coverings, how do yours measure up?

A good pair of drapes can instantly take a room from blah to beautiful. Drapes add impact through the use of color, pattern, texture and decorative details. And when hung properly, they can give the illusion of height in a room, visually widen a window and let in huge amounts of light. You don’t have to be an expert to know how to hang drapes. Get the basics with these easy tips below.


First you’ll need to take a few measurements to determine the size of your curtain rod and panels. Generally, it’s more visually appealing to hang the rod on the wall above and outside the window molding. Drywall is also easier to repair and paint than wood molding should you decide to change the look of your window down the road.

Using your tape measure and the suggestions below, you can measure out and up from the window frame, making light pencil marks to show where you want to hang your rod.

drapery panels over window

To let maximum light into a room, extend your curtain rod three to six inches beyond the window frame so the window is framed on either side. A great trick to maximize a great view or show off mouldings and mullions when selling a home. Mounting the rod four to six inches above the window gives the illusion of height and stops ceilings from looking too low.

If you plan on closing your curtains, choose a panel width that is two to two-and-a-half times the width of your window. A lightweight sheer fabric might require more fullness, while a heavier fabric like velvet or chenille might require less fullness (no more than twice the width of your window). However, if you’re hanging drapes just to frame the window, you can round down one to one-and-a-half times the width. When I style a photoshoot for Wicker Emporium I use at least double width to give fullness and it just photographs so much better too (good to keep in mind for real estate images when selling, fullness gives a luxurious look).

Change it Up

Changing drapes seasonally can give a tired looking room a fresh new look. Cool cottons and airy sheers in summer and textured heavier weights in winter. Mix it up with patterns too. Drapes don't have to be matchy matchy with the rest of the room; sometimes a striking pattern or colour will give a room a much needed update for a small investment. When staging homes for real estate I sometimes switch drapes from room to room to give a quick and easy update.

Wicker Emporium always has a fabulous selection of drapery panels at very affordable prices, which makes it so easy to update your look for less.

Avril Brown

About Avril Brown

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Originally from Scotland, Avril Brown has made Halifax her home for over twenty years. Avril studied commercial art and visual merchandising in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon graduating she travelled around Scotland supplying visual merchandising services for a broad variety of businesses and trade shows. Since moving to Canada, Avril has held positions in the retail sector as a visual merchandiser, manager, and buyer of home decor, accessories, and furnishings. As a visual specialist with a passion for colour, fabrics, and creating beautiful interiors, home staging and interior decorating were the natural next steps in her career. Avril is the owner of Prep, a Halifax-based company providing home staging, interior decorating, and prop styling services.

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