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A Reflection of You: Using Mirrors in Decor

A Reflection of You: Using Mirrors in Decor

One of my favorite decor elements is the mirror. I just did a quick count of mirrors in my own home and came up with twenty two! Large, small, round, square, leaning, hanging, we have them all. Some are small and grouped together, a few are really big, some are coloured and fun, and each one is a reflection of our home’s personality. Most were chosen and placed more for visual effect than for usefulness because I know that mirrors reflect more than just what you see in them.

Mirrors have multiple benefits. They:

  • tall wall mirrorExpand space as it seems like you can enter into the reflected image.
  • Maximize light and views by sharing them with the opposite side of the room.
  • Add interest and depth to an ordinary wall through both the reflection of the opposite wall and the texture and style of the frame.
  • Seeing ourselves reflected in the room is a subliminal message that we belong, great for everyday self-esteem and an excellent strategy to help potential home buyers feel at home.
  • Mirrors add value and function to items such as medicine cabinets and coat hooks.
  • Numerous practical uses such as seeing what the kids are doing behind you, checking yourself before opening the door to guests, and helping you see to shave or put on make-up. Of the twenty two mirrors in my home, there are only five or six that are placed for practical purposes.

The number one criteria I tell my clients when it comes to mirrors is that a mirror is only as good as what it reflects. If your design goal is to add interest, make sure a mirror will reflect something interesting and if not it may be better to hang art instead.

Another important consideration is whether a mirror will be a good choice for the height placement your space dictates. It may not be a good idea to hang a mirror low if people will be checking themselves in it. A reflection of half a head is never ideal. On the other hand, it is important to weigh in the positioning of the mirror in relation to objects around it, and not just on eye-level viewing. A larger mirror or a grouping of multiple mirrors may be needed to satisfy both ideal reflection and decor appeal for the space.

I would encourage you to think outside the box:

  • tall mirror on the floorUse mirrors in the garden to fill out the flowering perennials or redirect sunlight to a darker corner.
  • Use a combination of smaller mirrors together to form an interesting, texture-rich accent wall.
  • Place an oversized leaning mirror in a living room, dining room, bedroom or entry as a statement piece.
  • If you are choosing a mirror for a practical purpose, take it a step further, see the mirror as a chance to add style and interest, and get creative with the shape and frame.

Mirrors come in a wide assortment of affordable shapes, colours and styles, so the only difficulty you should have in finding the perfect addition to your home is deciding which one. Here are just a few of the fabulous mirrors available at Wicker Emporium:

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