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Decor for Dad (Manly Decor Just in time for Father's Day)

Decor for Dad (Manly Decor Just in time for Father's Day)

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there! It can be a challenge for the rest of the family every year to think of that special gift for Dad to let him know he is special and treasured. How many ties does a man need, after all?

Men are claiming more and more input into home decor, however a search for men’s decor only brings up cool bachelor pads and man caves, suggesting men only decorate if they are single, otherwise women make the decor decisions for them. I think what is closer to the truth is that some people have the decor gene and some don’t, and it’s not a gender thing at all. I work with plenty of clients where the man or men are the decorators in the family.

Whether the man in your life likes to choose furnishings or not, Father’s Day is a great chance to give the gift of great decor . For his favorite space at house, whichever room that may be, you can find wonderful gifts just for him.

A comfy chair for relaxing, a work space and great light for his favorite hobby or task, cool stools for pals, a nifty place to store useful things close at hand. Maybe he has a favorite color; well-merchandized stores make it easy with color blocked displays.

Picture Frames on a wood desk
Gifts don’t have to be expensive to mean a lot. If he loves the beach or you share a special sea-side memory, a beautiful rock or bit of driftwood can be an amazing gift. Presenting him with a picture of a great memory is another way to show your love.

Is there a spot for art in his favorite room? Consider a piece that reflects something he loves, or where he is from.

Is Dad an avid TV watcher? How about a new TV stand with hidden storage and easy remote function. Or a sweet basket to store (and I really mean hide) all those remotes.

Whatever Dad likes to do best at home, whether it’s to cook, relax, garden, read, do hobbies, and /or decorate, surprise him this year with the perfect decor piece to honour his passion and him.

Melanie Orr

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