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Personalized Decor Inspiration from Wicker Emporium

Personalized Decor Inspiration from Wicker Emporium

I always love how little, whimsical and personal pieces make a room. I look for these items when I’m designing a client’s space and when I’m doing my own rooms.

Sometimes it is a breeze to do with a special collection, a sentimental piece or handcrafted item that speaks to you. And sometimes it’s a little harder to find personalized decor.

Wicker Emporium has a few items that would add that special detail and perhaps even start up a conversation.

clock table coasters

Like this aviation clock, the perfect thing for a pilot’s den or for a child who is fascinated by aviation.

Or this interesting crank table that can conveniently be extended from 29.5” high to 40” high with a little bit of cranking. And making it even more unique is the fact that it is made with reclaimed wood.

Or how about a little hand-carved tree of life coaster set.

These little touches are the things that make your rooms sing. So don’t be afraid to put out your mementos or collections; your home should reflect your personality and make you smile!

Lisa Goulet

About Lisa Goulet

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Lisa is an Ottawa based certified interior decorator, who’s married with four children and who also runs her own interior decorating company. In her spare time she blogs, tweets, pins and instagrams pictures to stay connected with clients, peers and others in the design field. Follow her along as she decorates and renovates any room she can get her hands on, sharing some great advice along the way.

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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