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Refinishing to Show Beautiful Wood Grain

Refinishing to Show Beautiful Wood Grain


Happy Canada Day! How blessed are we to live in the best country in the world? Let’s make it the best summer ever by creating memories and spending time with the people who make us happy.

small side tableI plan on doing that by sitting on the patio with friends and family.  Because I want to spend so much time out here, I want to make it as comfortable and charming as I can. I want more of a lounge feel than the traditional patio table and chairs which is why I chose cozy seating.  This Hyannis Lamp table is the perfect accessory for a Canada Day celebration!  It is a very sturdy side table and I love the space underneath where you can add the perfect accessory.

Because the wood grain was so beautiful, I wanted to showcase it and not hide it underneath paint. As always, I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint but as a stain rather than a paint. Instead of mixing it one part paint to one part water, I did one part paint to two parts water. I really loved the grain of the wood on the top of the table so I left it as is. I finished it all off with a little hemp oil and that was it.

repainted lamp tableYou are probably wondering why I would bring an inside table outdoors? Well, the simple answer is, because I wanted to, it’s your place and you make the rules.

I want to be surrounded by things that I love and that accentuate my existing décor. Shouldn’t we all have things around us that we love? Why do we wait until a special occasion to use the things that we have? Use your good dishes, haul out your comfy chair onto the patio for an evening. Do it! Enjoy your treasures!

Wicker Emporium is giving away the repainted version of the Hyannis Lamp Table on our Facebook Page. Just leave a comment on the post on our Page to be entered.


Colette Carrier

About Colette Carrier

Website @jackcolette23 Facebook More posts by Colette

Hi my name is Colette and I am a Middle School Teacher, mother, and obsessed furniture painter. Nothing makes me happier than finding a piece of furniture and transforming it with Milk Paint! sanding, no priming and no chemicals! You can literally paint a dresser from start to finish in one afternoon! I hope you follow along on this journey with me and get inspired to pick up a brush and start painting...I know you'll be happy you did!

  • Pam Guitard

    I would put it on Front veranda awesome job Colette

  • aketch

    Beautiful! I would put it in my patio room over looking our backyard pool. We do a lot of entertaining and always need extra surfaces for serving food and drinks. The red would also match my colour schemes beautifully I love your products at Wicker Emporium. Thanks for the chance.

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