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Finding Home for the Holidays

Finding Home for the Holidays

What makes a home? Here at wicker emporium, we understand this idea varies dramatically from person to person. For some, it is a minimalist place with lots of open space, while for others it is eclectic, filled wall to wall with treasures. For about one in every 230 Canadians, home is a back pack, a tent, or a car.

homeless in Canada

People who struggle to keep a roof over their head are at a far greater risk of psychological distress and physical health problems than other Canadians. Research has shown the homeless are vulnerable to, and experience much higher rates of; health problems, poor nutrition, addiction, and mental health difficulties than the general population. They are also far more likely to experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. The insecurity, anxiety, depression and lack of confidence all lead to an increased sense of fear and a decreased sense of self.

This year during the holidays, when Maritimers from all over Canada are coming back home to celebrate the season of giving, wicker emporium is helping provide shelter to the hundreds of Nova Scotians who don't have a house to come home to.

We are working with Shelter Nova Scotia to offer you the opportunity to give. On Saturday December 12th we are accepting donations for Shelter Nova Scotia at our four locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every person donating will receive an additional 15% off their purchase. We encourage you to shelter others and create that unique feeling of home you desire in your own space.

wicker emporium halifax locations

If you're unable to come to the store on the 12th, please contact Shelter Nova Scotia directly to arrange your own donation drop off. It's an easy and affordable way to support those in need.

items to donate to shelter nsHomelessness affects people in all walks of life, and for the vast majority it is short-term. With the right support from organizations like Shelter Nova Scotia, they have a very good chance of finding a more permanent shelter, health and security. They have the opportunity to find home again!

To learn more about Shelter Nova Scotia, their initiatives and events, we encourage you to visit their website or contact them for more information.

See you on the 12th!

Shelter Nova Scotia,
101-5506 Cunard Street
Halifax, NS B3K 1C2

Telephone: 902.406.3631

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