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What’s in a Name? - Naming our furniture collections

What’s in a Name? - Naming our furniture collections

LunenburgProud to call the province of Nova Scotia home, wicker emporium takes every opportunity to celebrate its blue nose. One form this takes is found in how we name new furniture collections. We draw parallels between the furniture's design and conceptual associations with the province's geography, towns, and the amazing people who call it home.

Have a look at some of our featured Nova Scotia inspired collections:

Lunenburg: This collection which is all hand made out of mahogany features bright sea side colours, elegant crown molding, and a slightly distressed finish. These elements all parallel the town of Lunenburg's legacy of hand crafted boats, vividly painted houses, colonial estates, and stretching rustic piers.Greenwich

Greenwich: This collection is dedicated to the delicate little hamlet found between Wolfville and New Minas in the Annapolis Valley. There pastures, orchards, farm markets, and dignified country homes speckle the area. The collection has a traditional look, with a rustic finish which celebrates the rural lifestyle and sensibilities.

Gaspereau-ValleyGaspereau: This picturesque valley within the Annapolis valley has a wholesome pastoral charm with all the splendour of being in wine country. This reflected in the collection's traditional design and espresso stained reclaimed wood. Simple shapes and lines give this collection a subdued elegance.

Mulgrave: In many ways, the town of Mulgrave represents Nova Scotia in a microcosm. There can be found a humble but tenacious spirit, full of beauty and perseverance in the face of industrial flux. On a material level, the Mulgrave Collection is made of wood that has been salvaged from old boats, barns, piers, and homes. This wood is imbued with a story from a previous life which contributes to its aesthetic as well as compositional strength. Conceptually, this represents both Mulgrave's own history, especially considering its roots in the timbre trade.

MulgraveHalifax: With crisp crown moulding and clean white design the gravitas of this collection hints at the neo-classical paladin sensibilities popularized in the 1800's by Prince Edward. At this time it was said that Halifax could use a little sprucing up, so Prince Edward donated some of his own money to help pay for some of the beautiful architecture that is still enjoyed today.

These are just a few of our collections that bare Nova Scotian names. As new collections come, so will the names and the stories of more Canadian towns and villages. As a home grown company with modest beginnings in Halifax, we feel strongly that our heritage should be honoured and celebrated in as many ways as possible. In other words, this is our way of saying we're proud of our roots.


Justin MacDonald

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Our lead Photographer and E-comm Creative Coordinator, Justin MacDonald, studied fine arts at NSCAD University. His experience with conceptual art gives him the unique ability to both beautifully photograph the wicker emporium product as well as thoughtfully describe them to our customers. From start to finish, Justin plays an important role in the development of the product's unique identities, bring the individual pieces and collections to life.

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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