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Decorating to Your Homes Structural Style

Decorating to Your Homes Structural Style

The way your home was built influences the home decor inside. Living in a timber frame home will look entirely different on the inside than a loft apartment or a modern-style structure. So the question is: what can you do to get the look you want in the home you have?

Match Room Size with Furniture Size:
A home that's designed with large open spaces should feature larger furniture pieces to fill up the space and help it feel cozy. If your home is of an older style, you'll likely be working with many smaller rooms. Decorate these spaces with fewer smaller furniture pieces to make the room feel full without making it feel claustrophobic.

Look at Your Molding:
Baseboards, chair rails and built in shelving tell you a lot about your home. Look at your molding and choose furniture pieces that use similar shapes in their design to make the space feel balanced throughout. Match ornate with ornate and simple with simple to keep a consistent style from floor to ceiling.

Accent Pieces to Mix and Match:
houzzdotcomDon't be afraid to bring in accents that add personality. A live-edge dining table in a simple, modern dining room adds drama and excitement. An industrial light fixture or contemporary wall hanging in a traditional style home creates a neo-traditional feel without all the glass and chrome. Exotic pillows and textiles create a bohemian experience. Accent options are endless and a fantastic way to get expressive.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable. Create a space that you want to live in, rather than one that's just for show. Our best piece of advice is: seek out the furnishings that reflect the way you want to live and make you feel at home.

Marcie Clowry

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Marcie enjoys knowing that how information is packaged can affect the power of the message. Through design she is able to explore the possibilities of message delivery on a daily basis. She has been interested in design for many years. This combined with her love of working collaboratively led her to study Fine Art, Design, and Film at Ryerson University. After returning to the homeland she thought a lot about structure, beauty, and function; and thus found herself taking a carpentry program at the NSCC. She wanted to use her creative strengths in a practical and satisfying way. Trying something new helped to put things into perspective. She was able to see more clearly that making a living with her passion for design was not only a must, but also the perfect way for her to positively influence her environment.

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