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Five Ideas for Dividing a Room

Five Ideas for Dividing a Room

123495_bIn my house, I have a large L shaped living room. One side of it makes for the perfect movie watching chill out spot and the other has room for another sitting area where we can sit by the fire and chat, or lay back with a good book. Without a divider the space looks more like a waiting room than a living room because we have seating everywhere!

In saying all of that, I've decided that I need to create two separate zones, the movie zone and the living zone. This will allow the space to look less hap-hazard, while allowing me to still have the two area's sharing the same space.

I took a look at my options and have decided to share my favourites with you:

123201_a_1•    Shelving – Open book cases are an excellent way to divide a room. You can find them in a variety of sizes, heights and colours, so it won't be hard to find the right shelf style for your space. At wicker emporium we have the Michigan shelves, which I love.

•    Curtains – using simple curtains for your room divider is an affordable and quick way to break up the space. You can open and close them easily too, which is nice if your space requires being open at times and closed at others. These would be ideal if I was dealing with separating sleeping quarters from a sitting area in a bachelor pad for example.

•    Bi-fold Doors – Installing bi-fold doors in the room gives you a more structural divider without the hassle of building a partial wall. These also fold away easily for those moments when you would like to have a more open space.

•    3-Panel Blind – Affordable and easy to implement, this option is very versatile: you can use them in a permanent spot or move them around the house to achieve privacy when and where you need it.

floorscreen_b    •    Hanging Art or Accents – One of my favourite options is hanging a unique art piece or hand crafted accent. It would need to be large, and double sided, but quickly becomes the centre piece of the room.

Because my interior decor is still sort of figuring itself out, I've decided to start with a 3-panel rattan floor screen. This will give me the visual break in the space that I want, without the commitment of a large shelf or a more permanent structure. Overall it does the trick and looks great!

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Marcie Clowry

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Marcie enjoys knowing that how information is packaged can affect the power of the message. Through design she is able to explore the possibilities of message delivery on a daily basis. She has been interested in design for many years. This combined with her love of working collaboratively led her to study Fine Art, Design, and Film at Ryerson University. After returning to the homeland she thought a lot about structure, beauty, and function; and thus found herself taking a carpentry program at the NSCC. She wanted to use her creative strengths in a practical and satisfying way. Trying something new helped to put things into perspective. She was able to see more clearly that making a living with her passion for design was not only a must, but also the perfect way for her to positively influence her environment.

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