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My Calming Retreat

My Calming Retreat

Make your living room a calming retreat. When I redesigned my living room recently, that was my motivation. I’m excited to share with you what I did, I hope you’ll be inspired to create your very own calming retreat!
IMG_0631I used a lot of blues and greens in my design because I find those colours incredibly serene and relaxing. It’s important to find what colours calm you when creating a retreat inspired space. When it comes to home décor, I’m inspired by light colours. It’s quite apparent throughout my entire home. My grey floors compliment the eggshell walls and to bring dimension and character into my design, I used “icon grey” to create accent walls.

A cool palette and grey wood tones bring a clean, fresh and relaxing feel to my space. There’s a feeling of calm and serenity here, which is so important to have to come home to after a long day. I love my retreat inspired space!

The neutral tone sectional I have offers ample seating while providing a sleek and streamlined look. It’s comfortable and practical. The art I chose for this room makes me feel peaceful and tranquil. Isn’t it amazing how art can change the whole feeling of a room?

To make this space more personal, I’ve added some of my favourite family photos and some of my treasured travel photography that I’ve framed to accent the space. IMG_0859
I’m a huge fan of pendant lights and as you can see, the pendant light I went with in my space is very feminine but is also rustic and trendy. This wood beaded chandelier is a personal favourite from wicker emporium. This particular light fixture is delicate, romantic and is especially delightful in the evening when it lights up the room. So pretty.

The flow of the room into other rooms close-by was achieved by using complimentary design components like: colour, texture and accents. This is especially important when working with an open concept floor plan.

For my throw pillows, I carried through with the blues in my simple and neutral curtains. For accents like pillows, I recommend going soft and simple when trying to create your own retreat inspired space.

When creating a space that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day, I think it’s important to start by finding a piece that instinctively feels right. In my case, it was the art and curtains that inspired me. Once I had those focal points, the rest was a breeze to bring together.

I think it’s really important to follow your heart when you’re designing your space. Don’t follow rules, follow your heart. Go by feeling, try new things and don’t be afraid to try chevrons and stripes, you’ll be surprised how amazing they look!

The most complimented piece in my calming retreat would have to be my live edge coffee table. It’s one of my very favourite pieces! The grain, the colour and its rustic rawness goes perfectly with the rest of the room. It really adds a unique and interesting component to my design – I’d suggest anyone looking to add a little uniqueness to their space, go live edge. So gorgeous!
The simple white club chair is cute and compact, it adds more seating without taking up too much space, which I love. You can never have too much seating especially when you like to entertain like I do!

My calming retreat inspired living room is almost complete…  There is just one accent piece missing… can you guess what it is? If you said a rug, you’re absolutely right! What would you suggest here? Please share your ideas with me, I’d love to hear from you. Help! I can’t wait to add a rug here! What do YOU suggest?

If you like what I've done, you can learn more about some of the pieces I used in my design here:

Wingback Sofa Chair Thick Chevron Cushion Cover Live Edge Coffee Table Wall Hangings and Art Moorish Chandelier with Beads

Priyanka Kapahi

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As the wicker emporium Marketing Director and former Buyer for the company, Priyanka has a natural flair for fashion, design and home décor. The energy and passion she has for her work is inspiring and contagious.

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