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Our story starts with a Father's desire to bring to Canada some of the familiar items and treasures from his previous home in India, for himself, for his family, and for his friends. This powerful desire to create that feeling of home has never left us as a business. Striving always to share with our customers the comfort and warmth that our founder so desired forty five years ago.

This is why we choose to give back to Habitat for Humanity for their work in actively funding building initiatives that provide needy families with that sense of home. And to WeForest who’s focus is on refurnishing our first home, the planet with much needed trees and forests to promote planet health and a better life for all of earths inhabitants.

10,000 Trees in 365 Days with WeForest

Beginning in 2017 wicker emporium made the commitment to plant over 27 trees per day in India. From the table that you gather around with your loved ones, to the timber that frames your home, wood is all around you. Grown up from the smallest of beginnings, harvested with care, and transformed into something beautiful and useful for your life.

It is with reverence for the forests that supply us with wood that wicker emporium is planting 10,000 trees in 365 days. To nurture our planet, to cool and clean the atmosphere, to store unwanted carbon for a lifetime, to help hold together forests and combat erosion. We are also doing it to say thank you to the trees that become our furniture, because solid wood is in our roots.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Since 2010, Wicker Emporium has proudly supported Habitat for Humanity’s Nova Scotia ReStore. Through donations like ours, the ReStore is able to support the construction of safe, affordable homes in Nova Scotia.

Every donation to Habitat for Humanity is a gift to the community. People are able to purchase home renovation products at discounted prices, enabling many to complete projects they couldn’t have done otherwise. Tonnes of material is diverted from the landfill every year, benefiting our environment. Perhaps most importantly, our donations help economically challenged families in Nova Scotia achieve home ownership.

Living in safe and affordable housing changes everything for these families. For more information, or to learn ways to donate, visit ReStore.

“With wicker emporium’s help the Habitat for Humanity ReStore was able to divert over 150 tons of reusable products in 2011, which would have been taken to our local landfill, and you would have excess inventory and unsalable stock taking up room in you warehouses. Both working to achieve greener Nova Scotia.” -Shauna Chaisson, Habitat for Humanity

Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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