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Solid Wood Furniture & Home Décor Accessories

Welcome to wicker emporium! We hope that you'll enjoy our large selection of stunning solid wood furniture and unique home décor accessories. With stores in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and all across the Atlantic Provinces, we're here to help you make it feel at home.

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Recent Posts

  • Musings From the Photo Studio: the Chemistry of Style

    Whether you're casually festooned on the couch untamed in your sweats, or elegantly entertaining guests for an evening soiree, your home is both your stage and your sanctuary. When living alone you have the uncontested freedom to design your space as you see fit. From the welcome mat at the front door, to the orderliness of the deepest closet, it is your space and you are free to be recklessly you with it.

  • Calm. Courageous. Captivating. What’s your colour style ?

    Colour. Personally, I can’t live without colour. To put me in a white room, devoid of any colour, would be too depressing. Colour to me is inspiring, exciting and so much a part of my life.

  • Five Ideas for Dividing a Room

    In my house, I have a large L shaped living room. One side of it makes for the perfect movie watching chill out spot and the other has room for another sitting area where we can sit by the fire and chat, or lay back with a good book. Without a divider the space looks more like a waiting room than a living room because we have seating everywhere!

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Wicker Emporium offers fine wooden furniture and home decor from our stores in greater Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

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